Who is Citypsychchick and What is this site?

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I started this site as a space to talk about mental health and well-being in general, a space for people who are in/have experienced mental health services, carers, loved ones  and a space for those who are aiming to have a career in this field. As well as those directly related to mental health I hope to also offer a place for anyone to open up and talk.

So just a little about me…( she says as she babbles on with her life history!) I trained as a dancer until I was 16, going to a boarding performing arts school- think “Step up” the movie but with stricter rules! I realised, though, that I enjoyed spending more time in academic lessons  and being an emotional support to my friends than the dance training, then being given the name “Agony aunt Megan”- which got me thinking… why not learn more about psychology?!I decided I wanted to go to Uni and do exactly that. So I left dance and went to an academic sixth form and then onto the University of Birmingham.

Fast forward 10 years (!) I am a Psychotherapist for the NHS and  on a Doctorate training course now for Clinical Psychology which means in 3 more short years (if all goes well) I’ll be a Clinical Psychologist, (for any graduates/ undergrads reading this check out my blog post on getting onto a training course). Aside from a  professional perspective on this site, I also felt its important to be open about my own experiences with relationships/ mental health, I’ve shared some personal blog posts here as I feel passionate about opening up the mental health field to be more accessible, something we can all chat about easily (professionals included). We are all responsible for our mental health and well-being and I hope by sharing there might be something you can relate to.

In essence, I’d like to offer this site not only as information but a true space to discuss and reflect on anything psychology, health, relationships and life related. After all Psychology is just about people, experiences and how we make sense of the things we go through……
… Life is hard so lets talk!


Thanks for being here 🙂
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