5 Minute therapy

Whats your self talk like?

Notice you have thoughts whirling round and feel distracted, down or anxious?? Check out what you’re thinking about… listen to the words in your thoughts or the images that come up in your mind. Are they negative? degrading or include a lot of ‘ should,’ ‘ must’ and ‘never’ terms. It may be that your self talk is unhelpful and making you feel worse.

What can you do?
1) Write down your thoughts, getting pen to paper is hard at first but a great first step in understanding how you speak to yourself.
2) Take a look at your thoughts once you’ve got them down on paper, have a look and ask yourself would I say this to a friend? or someone i care about? If the answer is no it may be time to change that negative self talk.
3) Instead of taking your thoughts as fact as yourself what tells me this is 100% true as a statement for example ‘I should have done better’ ‘ im always wasting time’ Check if there is anything you could say to the contrary- as if counteracting this argument with a friend, what would you say to them? Write this down!
4) Look at the new statement and see how it feels to say that one to yourself instead
5) Try it on! when you hear yourself thinking/ saying the old statement try on the new one, even if you don’t believe it at first it may take some time but once you start at lease questioning your thoughts and negative self talk you’ll be amazed at how it can positively affect your emotions.


Let me know how you get on!